Gauss – Make it easier to pay off high-interest debt


Paying off credit card balances can seem like an endless cycle. This is largely due to a card lending system where high interest rates are the order of the day. So what is the solution ? Well, we can start by using the Gauss app. Gauss is working to lower the interest rates on your existing cards so you can make progress in paying down the principal. Here’s how it works.

Users connect their existing credit cards to the Gauss app and receive a revolving line of credit in real time. Gauss then works for you, automatically tracking and paying off expensive balances on those cards. It is not debt consolidation, but rather an overloaded balance transfer that protects consumers from high interest rates. Now you continue to use your cards as you normally would, but as paying off the balance is cheaper, you will move to a better financial situation.

And even if you have no credit card balance, Gauss helps you by allowing you to earn rewards every time you pay a credit card bill on a connected card. Now the rewards include access to high APY checking accounts, cash back and 0% APR bonuses for credit cards. Start paying your credit card bills today with Gauss. Learn more about money.gauss.


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