Home.com study shows popular free credit score inflated by 20 points on average


FICO vs. Vantage Credit Scores
FICO® and Vantage are competing brands that produce consumer credit scores used to measure a borrower’s reliability in repaying a loan. Although credit monitoring sites often display VantageScores®, mortgage lenders almost exclusively use FICO® scores to determine loan eligibility and costs.

Study results
The Home.com study asked volunteer participants to compare their VantageScore® from a well-known credit monitoring site to their FICO® score from ScoreGenius™ from Home.com.

Fifty-four percent of participants had a VantageScore® higher than their FICO® score. Within this group:

  • VantageScore® was 20 points higher on average
  • The biggest difference was 73 points
  • Seventeen percent had a VantageScore® 35 points or more higher than their FICO® score

How Credit Score Affects Mortgage Costs
Since FICO® scores are the benchmark in the mortgage industry, relying on an inflated VantageScore® to qualify for a home loan and mortgage rate can be problematic.

On a $300,000 loan with 15% down payment:

  • A difference of 20 points between a 680 and a 660 score could mean either $3,750 in additional closing costs or an approximate amount $70– monthly increase in monthly mortgage payment based on Fannie Mae’s loan level price adjustment matrix.
  • A difference of 73 points between a 720 and a 647 credit score could mean extra $8,250 in closing costs or around $140 per month on the mortgage payment.
  • A difference of 73 points between a credit score of 651 and 578 could mean the difference between qualifying for multiple loan programs and being denied the loan.

These are a few scenarios where a homebuyer’s understandable overconfidence in their credit can lead to unwanted news when they apply to a mortgage lender.

Still, some homebuyers have a higher FICO® score than their VantageScore®, which could translate to the welcome surprise of more loan options and lower mortgage costs.

The survey asked 96 participants to report the difference between a popular online credit monitoring site’s VantageScore® and Home.com’s ScoreGenius™ score, which uses the FICO® Score 4 model used by lenders mortgages. Both platforms are free and use a “soft pull”, which means there is no damage to users’ credit scores. Home.com launched ScoreGenius™ in early 2022 as one of the first sites to give consumers a better picture of their mortgage creditworthiness with a free extraction of their FICO® score.

Check your FICO® score for free on ScoreGenius™.

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